Blog Posts about Weddings in the Scottish Tradition


Weddings and Weaponry in Queensland

Carrying a sgian dubh is part of the traditional male Scottish Highland Dress. But in many places, including Queensland, carrying a knife in a public place can land you in trouble with the law. Read on to find out about the rules and what you can do to get round them ....  More

14 Ways to Include Lucky White Heather in your Wedding

White heather, a Scottish tradition that has spread far and wide, is considered lucky in weddings. While it is traditional to include a sprig in a bride's bouquet, there are many other ways to incorporate it in your wedding ...   More

34 Ways to Incorporate Tartan in Your Wedding Ceremony Without Wearing a Kilt

There are many ways to incorporate family tartans into your wedding ceremony apart from the men wearing kilts ... More

Oathing Stone Wedding Ritual

The oathing stone is an ancient Celtic tradition that can add meaningful symbolism to your wedding ceremony - and can be used as a planned or emergency substitute for wedding rings... More ...

Scottish Islamic Tartan

Anyone, regardless of faith or genetic background can have a Tartan Wedding, something demonstrated by an official registered tartan  ... More ....