Scottish Wedding Ceremony Packages

Imagine your wedding ceremony. The skirl of the pipes, the thrill of experiencing ancient rituals that have come down through the ages.  The romance of integrating your personal stories. The comfort of the familiar,  and the fun of a relaxed vibe in keeping with a 21st century modern approach to integrating the old with the new, and the choice of ceremony package to suit your individual needs

Bespoke Bluebonnet Tartan Wedding Ceremony

The full experience including as many Scots traditions, rituals, and customs as you wish,, for as many guests as you wish, with as many people in your wedding party as you wish.
  • All the information you need to make informed decisions about your ceremony, including your choice of relevant traditions
  • All the legal requirements made easy and done accurately
    • My total focus on you
    • A one-of-a-kind ceremony of meaning, substance and beauty, carefully planned and choreographed to ensure that the photos are fantastic  and your guests have a great time
    • Use of my quaich (optional)
    • Use of a vintage hand-embroidered tablecloth and/or a Scottish National tartan tablecloth for the signing table (optional)
    • Accepting and responding to an unlimited number of emails and phone calls from you.
    • Liaising with your official photographer, videographer, musicians and/or DJ
    • Signing of Declarations and a mini-rehearsal for the marrying couple at my office a few days before the wedding
    • Travel to your venue within 50 km from my office in Kenmore
    • Provision of a quality PA system for celebrant use if numbers or the characteristics of the ceremony venue require it.

Love & Legals Marriage Ceremony with Handfasting

Simple, lovely, and highly personalised ceremony with the addition of a simple handfasting, and always the option of personal vows.
$650 (Sat - Sun) $600 (Mon-Fri)

  • Optional simple handfasting add-on +$15 if I supply a simple ribbon

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